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Our Mission is to help peers reintegrate into society and reduce recidivism by incorporating our 3R principles:


To come back to the oneself. To come back to society as returning citizens, to come
back to a state of sobriety, and to come back from being stigmatized and being defined by our diagnosis and/or incarceration.


We begin to mend, put back order in our lives to become our natural productive selves.


Revitalize: After one’s journey on the path to self-realization, the next step is to restore strength, to give new life or vigor after something that has lost its activity or it’s health.


We offer Peer Counseling, on a group and/or individual basis. We offer virtual sessions, but we can set up outings and in person sessions if there is interest.

3R believes in a holistic approach to recovery; this includes mental, social, economic, physical, and spiritual well being towards whole health management. Holistic approach focuses on individual wellness and not only on a person’s diagnosis or condition.

The many pathway to recovery is not just an idea it is PRACTICAL. We offer a self-directed approach to
wellness and whole health management.

We will partner with PhD Herbal Specialist, Financial experts, Community developers, Community Leaders, and Citizens to support our peers.

A Peer Support is where people who have had common experiences come together to share those
experiences and in sharing gain support, encouragement wisdom to move forward in their journey to find meaning and purpose in their lives.


- Giving and receiving help with mutuality and respect.

- Understanding through the personal experience of ‘having been there”

- Sharing personal experiences of hope and recovery.

- Encouraging each person’s uniqueness.

- Focusing on each person’s strengths.

- Promoting recovery through relationship/friendship

Our long-term goal is to open a reentry home. As we develop our relationships with our Peers, we would like to offer financial literacy, investing groups, and entrepreneurship opportunities. This will also be a Peer led venture where groups of like interest and skills can formulate a business that will provide meaningful employment and/or services in their own communities. This unique approach to continued wellness and hope is what set us apart from other organizations. This Revitalize phase ensures long term support, empowerment, and recovery.

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